Hide code .NET & Java libraries that allow developers to seamlessly enhance their web, mobile or desktop apps with the capability to display, annotate, convert, e-sign, compare and assemble documents.

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GroupDocs.Total Product Family

Manipulate documents within your desktop solutions, mobile apps and websites without requiring any other commercial application through GroupDocs cross platform APIs.


GroupDocs.Viewer Product Family

Powerful document viewer API for rendering over 50 documents and image formats within .NET or Java applications. It rasterizes documents and images, renders text and converts them to SVG+HTML+CSS.


GroupDocs.Annotation Product Family

Annotate documents within your .NET and Java apps. The API comes with a comprehensive set of markup tools, which enable your users to highlight, strike-through, and comment on text and images. Annotated documents can be printed out and exported to PDF along with annotations.


GroupDocs.Conversion Product Family

An advanced document conversion API developed to convert document formats. It empowers you to work with document conversion operations back and forth over 50 documents and image file formats.


GroupDocs.Comparison Product Family

Document comparison API allows to quickly and easily find differences between two revisions of a document. It merges two documents into one and displays it, highlighting differences with the redline view approach - similar to the Microsoft Word change tracking feature.


GroupDocs.Signature Product Family

Seamlessly enhance your apps with the e-signing capability. Your users are then able to get documents signed electronically using only a web-browser. Detailed audit trails, 256-bit SSL encryption and other advanced security features ensure signed documents are kept private and secure, while a wizard-like UI makes the signing process quick and easy.


GroupDocs.Assembly Product Family

It is a set of document automation and reports generation APIs designed to create custom documents from templates. The reporting engine intelligently assembles the given data with the defined template document, and generates output document based on the data source in the same format as of the template document format.


GroupDocs.Metadata Product Family

Metadata APIs help developers read, write, edit and remove metadata information from all popular document file formats. It takes a file as input, accesses the file property information and allows users to perform metadata operations.


GroupDocs.Search Product Family

Helps users perform various search operations. It extracts text and metadata from different file formats and performs search over all the user documents. In order to make search process fast and accurate, indexes can be created and the concerned documents can be added into it. Hence, all the search queries or advanced searches are efficiently performed over the index.


GroupDocs.Parser Product Family

A collection of extensible text extractor APIs to read or analyze document content and metadata properties from different file formats. It works by getting the file as input and then fetches raw or formatted text of the input file along with metadata properties.


GroupDocs.Watermark Product Family

A set of powerful document watermarking APIs to add image and text watermarks. It can search and remove the watermark which were already added to documents by other third-party software. The watermarks added by this API are hard to remove by any third-party tools.


GroupDocs.Editor Product Family

A collection of document editing APIs using HTML. APIs can be used with any external, open source or paid HTML editor. Editor API will process to load documents, convert it to HTML, provide HTML to external UI and then save HTML to original document after manipulation.


GroupDocs.Merger Product Family

Accelerate document merging and manipulation process in any cross platform application with our GroupDocs.Merger APIs.


GroupDocs.Redaction Product Family

Hide or remove private information from Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF and images within any type of .NET applications.


GroupDocs.Classification Product Family

Programmatically classify documents and text into accurate categories using IAB (version 2), Documents and Sentiment taxonomies within any type of .NET applications.